The Silent City Series Video Editing and Music Remix Opportunity

The Silent City Series

The Silent City and Rubidium Wu, have opened up an opportunity for musicians and video artists to use footage from the web series to remix into a music video.

According to their website, ” This could be a really great opportunity for new musicians to get their songs out there, but also just something for those that like fun and creativity.”

Each of the five episodes of Season One of The Silent City are available on the site A few conditions apply.

There was talk that selected videos would appear in the special features of the DVD of Season One, but the realease has been scheduled before the end of the opportunity. However, selected videos may appear on the DVD for Season Two, should that come to pass and will be featured on both The Silent City website as well as their YouTube Channel.

An example is featured here using music by Trent Reznor, NIN and footage from The Silent City Series Episode Two:

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