The Silent City Season One New York Big Screen Premiere

The Silent City Season One New York Big Screen Premiere

Last week I attended the New York, big screen premiere party for The Silent City Season One.  Those that are not familiar with project, here’s a quick rundown:

  1. The Silent City is a popular web series with a respectable following that launched on YouTube a few months ago.
  2. The series is written and directed by a charismatic, creative-visionary that goes by the name of Rubidium Wu.  (High-praise, but for those that have seen his work or have had the opportunity to meet him in person; well they get what I’m saying.)
  3. The project started on Kickstarter, gained a few notable celebrity backers and two-hundred or so other backers like me that just knew a good thing when they saw it.  The cinematic quality of the series, you simply can’t get for $11,000 in funding, but somehow, Rubidium Wu made it happen.

The big screen, premiere of The Silent City last Saturday, the 22nd was an accumulation of a lot of hard work by some really dedicated creatives that made the project possible.   Here is a short list of those in attendance:

Matthias Schmitt, producer of The Silent City.  If you aren’t familiar with the name, then you’ll want to check out another one of his projects  The program teaches young minds about space, engineering and a little bit about everything with CG animation.  Episodes are available at the website and is planned to be on TV late 2013. Matthias has been there every step of the way for The Silent City and as a fan of the series, I extend a ‘thanks’ to him for making it possible.

Nathaniel Kramer, director of Photography. Mr. Kramer already has an impressive body of work that you can visit at The man has this incredible power of slowing time, capturing that moment and then showing you everything that is beautiful in the world.  Take a look for yourself here: Nathaniel Kramer Reel.

Rob Rusli, music for The Silent City. Rob Rusli is a musical genius.  I unfortunately was not able to meet him in person.  I will say that you should tell as many people that you know to listen to his work and give him a lot of money so that he can spend all day creating.  You can listen to some of Rob’s work at his website

Eric Stafford, star of The Silent City. Meeting Eric was full of surprises.  From his work on The Silent City, you would think him to be a sullen and stern guy with little to say.  ACTING!  In person, Eric is a whirlwind of awesomeness.  He is funny, smart, and a great storyteller.  Eric is the kind of guy that you just look at him and know he’s destined for greatness.   Eric is currently seeking representation and you can check out his other work at this link: Actor Eric Stafford’s Resume.

Steven Dengler, backer, benefactor of The Silent City. If you know nothing of Steven Dengler then you can see a statue of him in The Silent City and or check out his Wikipedia page.  Mr. Dengler is a personal hero of mine, in fact, I think of him as Bruce Wayne, where his alter-ego version of Batman persona is more about bringing cool stuff to the web rather than fighting crime.

You might notice a few of your favorite games or web series that Mr. Dengler has been involved in via  Keep an eye on Dracogen projects like My Gimpy Life, Star Trek Continues and Sandeep Parikh’s Save the Supers!  While you’re at it, also check out, a great organization that betters the lives of sick children in hospitals.

Brooke Whitlatch, my wife, Fan of me and The Silent City. Brooke made my involvement with this project possible, as she had to put up with some of the late nights I spent on the internet working on the website, YouTube page or just chatting people up about the project. Brooke is an awesome wife and great mother to our daughter Amelia. 

Rubidium Wu, director and writer of The Silent City.  It was a real treat to finally meet Rubidium in person.  He is every bit of cool, clever and nice as he is in his directing tutorials and videos where he addresses his fans.

I asked Rubidium a couple of questions about his thoughts on the project: 

What do you count as the greatest successes of your season one experience?

Two words: fan response. I knew we could do something cool with the ingredients we had, and that it would fulfill the promise of the original Kickstarter. I had no idea it would break out from that and appeal to so many people all over the world.

I think films are a lot like collective dreams. They are a way of processing our shared story, and they in turn shape that story. It has always been my ambition to be involved in something that connected with people like this series has. The Silent City team is very excited to take the feedback we’ve had about the first season and use it as a guide to navigate more of this world.

What can we look forward to from Season Two of the Silent City?

I’d like to explore more about the world these characters live in, both the physical environment and the psychological reality of it. I also want to bring out more about the other side of the apocalypse, the idea that out of destruction comes rebirth, and the chance that presents to remake a better world. There is also a whole side to the Undergrounders (the black clad zombie-like beings from the first season) – believe it or not they have a world, and a society, a mythology of their own. But the survivors have to discover that as they go – it’s dangerous knowledge that will change how they think of themselves.

If you are a fan of apocalyptic fiction, The Silent City or just Rubidium Wu, you can see him this weekend at Wasteland Weekend III according to his latest tweet.

Also, if you get a moment, take a look at the extensive list of backers of The Silent City when it was on Kickstarter here: 

(More) Author Commentary:

This was a major event in my personal life, as The Silent City has been my passion project for the past few months. The project produced a number of firsts for me.  This was my first time backing a project on Kickstarter (it’s addictive by the way), the first time my name has appeared on the big screen and my first real understanding of the importance of producers, generosity of money and spirit to the creative process.  The actual number of firsts for me goes on and on but also notably, the first time I have visited New York and the first time I actually had free-time to have a passion project.

I do want to mention that through Kickstarter and the donation of time and a bit of money, anyone can get involved with projects like The Silent City.  This isn’t just a one-off thing either, on my second backing of a project on Kickstarter, “Posey” , I got the opportunity to meet (via internet), Billy DaMota who casted one of my top ten favorite movies – Miracle Mile (1988). 

I highly recommend finding a project on Kickstarter that really speaks to you in some way and becoming a part of the creation of something memorable, fun and possibly life-changing.

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