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The Silent City Episode Season 1 Episode 4

I used to look forward to every episode of Lost.  My wife and I even had viewing parties when the show was on and when it ended, well there was a void.  Mystery, intrigue, total weirdness, it all suddenly vanished from television with that last episode.  Sure, there were some attempts to try to replace that feeling that Lost gave us.  We tried other programs, even went back and watched Dollhouse again, but that ‘Lost’ feeling just wasn’t there.

Then I turned to the internet.  Comedies have been an abundant staple on YouTube and I’ve always looked forward to watching each episode of The Guild on Xbox Live, but could there be a show that would make me wait in anticipation for the next episode like Lost used to?

It’s been a long journey, but finally a show called The Silent City has that spark.

Director Rubidium Wu has been upfront about what he’d deliver to his viewers ever since the Kickstarter made the program possible.  Five episodes, 4-5 minutes in length and shot in the abandoned spaces of New York City. Check, check and check.  So far, in every episode that’s aired on YouTube, there’s been a bit of mystery, clever cliffhangers and that same feeling that’s been missing.

Hello Wasteland.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, viewers follow a lone, wanderer of the Wasteland as he traverses a devastated landscape that was once so alive with busy-ness.  To see these quiet, forgotten places of New York framed in this way gives the viewer a real sense of wonder, fear and something so real that it draws them closer until that moment of – WOW.  What did I just see?

Nearing the end of the first season, The Silent City episode four is the most revealing so far.  Episode four will be released on at 6pm EST tomorrow afternoon.  If you want to catch up on the episodes, check them out from the start at The Silent City.

Another really great aspect of this series is that the director is very closely tied to the fans.  Rubidium has, from the start, made the process of making the series transparent, from how the effects are applied, to the actual process of directing.  Recently, Rubidium also addressed fan questions on the channel.  Even some of the shortcomings of the series are addressed.  But hey, let’s give him a break, working with a ten grand budget and producing a high quality television program like The Silent City is quite an accomplishment.  If you love New York, post apocalyptic fiction or just want to support the advancement of film and television on the internet, then check out what Mr.Wu and his crew are up to and subscribe to their channel for updates.


That video is included here, but may contain some spoilers if you haven’t seen the program yet.

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