The Search for Hotter Shoes

Shoes for WomenThe search for hotter shoes has lead many to search out fashionable and comfortable shoes.  Taryn Rose comes the closest, but not everyone can afford handcrafted shoes from Italy, no matter how comfy they are.  Hotter shoes have to combine fashion, comfort and affordable prices. has some good prices on women’s and men’s shoes and a wide selection.  If you are looking for the latest shoe fashion, it’s a good start.  There are  a lot of online apparel stores that are trying very hard to compete with Amazon, but can’t quite seem to match those super low prices.

Taryn Rose shoes for instance can be purchased on Amazon for around 50% off and more.  That’s a great way to get some attention, but finding your size in such limited quantities doesn’t make the search there worth it.

Payless actually has some great looking shoes and the prices are hard to beat.  Men’s shoes tend to be lower quality and may only last a year, so spending a little more on men’s shoes might be a better way to go.  Overall, Payless has it together when you are looking for hotter shoes at affordable prices.

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