The Regulations Governing Online Poker Highlights

online gamblingThe Regulations Governing Online Poker – Highlights

As per the recent conference held by the Nevada state gaming regulator, Mark Lipperalli, the state would be set to receive and review applications of all online poker providers who were interested in doing business in the state. Held on November 10th and 11th, 2011, the two-day conference was focused on Online Gaming Laws in the US, and was attended by industry professionals. Lipperalli clearly stated that the Board would have completed all its preparations, and could conduct investigations starting February next year.

Nevada Online Poker Bill

However, a significant point in the bill that needs to be mentioned here is that once a company is licensed by the state, it will only be allowed to offer its services to the residents of Nevada and not beyond its geographical boundaries. This is similar to online sports betting, or even by phone. The chairman also said that the licensing process would be relatively shorter and quicker for casinos that already hold other licenses in the state. Furthermore, the licensees must prove that the technology used in their websites will only allow game-play to residents who have attained legal age.

The Highlights of Nevada Online Poker

Some important points in the regulations are:

• The age for legal online gambling and Nevada online poker is 21
• Fake names will be prohibited, and a player may only register for one account with a particular provider
• Players may use credit cards to deposit funds
• Players will be restricted from executing inter-account transfers
• It is up to the operators to prevent the use of online bots

The gaming industry is definitely excited about online poker, and rightly so. The move aims at increasing the state revenue, while also increasing commercial opportunities.

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