The Killers Expected in Studio in May

rockband killersFormed in 2001, The Killers started off their successful career with their single “Mr. Brightside” which soared to the top ten in the United States and in the UK.  The first album, Hot Fuss, went six times platinum in the United Kingdom and three times platinum in the United States.

Since then the band has produced three more albums entitled Sam’s Town, Sawdust, and Day & Age. The band has been on a hiatus since 2010 and stated the reason behind the break was the spending a consecutive six years on the road touring and promoting their work.

The good news for Killers fans is that the band has stated that they will create another album. The album is scheduled to start production around May of 2011, however band members have said they intend to take the production and recording process slow. It is likely to come out sometime in early 2012.


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