The Guild Season 4 DVD, Felicia Day, Vince Caso, at Amazon

Amazon The Guild on DVDIf you haven’t picked up Season 4 of the Guild on DVD, you may want to pick it up at Amazon today.  Currently, they have it on sale for $10.99, which is fairly amazing.

Season 4 of the Guild which stars Felicia Day, Vince Caso and Jeff Lewis along with a list of other amazing actors is one of the best shows out there.

The Guild on DVD, now in its fourth season, is packed with great writing, hilarious comedy and a lot of memorable lines that will be quoted for years to come.

A perfect example of this hilarity, which features Vince Caso as his character Bladezz from the Guild is available here:

The Guild currently has over 45 million upload views on YouTube as of August 2010.[10] The series has won several awards since its launch, and in February 2009, Rolling Stone named it one of “The Net’s Best Serial Shows”.[11] The Guild has inspired many fan efforts, including the tribute song I Wanna Be In Your Guild.[12]

To find out more about the Guild, check out their website at or buy the DVDs at

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