The German Sheppard and Kitten Puppies

puppiesIt is widely known that cats and dogs do not get along. It is natural instinct that leads dogs to chase cats and cats to run away. For many pet owners who love both of these animals it is rare to have them get along.

This was not the case for a dog and cat lover from Florida. Goose was a German Sheppard rescue dog that had been a loving pet to 60 year old Nancy for many years. When the two found a box of abandoned kittens on the side of the road they couldn’t say no. Goose became a motherly like figure to the two kittens instantly, looking after their every move.

One day the door to the screened in porch was left open and the kittens had gotten out and fallen into the pool. Goose leaped into the pool to save the drowning cats who then climbed onto the dogs back as he swam to the edge. From then on out the three pets were inseparable giving a new look on the cat and dog relationship.


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