The Free Orbitz App is a Time and Money Saver

orbitzOrbitz has an app for both the Droid market and the iTunes app store that can come in handy if you travel a lot for business or pleasure.  The Orbitz app makes it easy to book hotels, rental cars and even airline flights.  It also gives you access to some of the best hotel reviews including maps and photos of the hotel.  The app uses your Droid or iPhone’s GPS to locate hotels nearby and will let you book a room right from the same screen.

You can get the same great deals with the Orbitz app that you can on their website.  The features that make it incredibly useful, apart from the booking feature, are the ones that check baggage claim details, gate and flight status.  The app also can get you the same Price Assurance deal that is offered on the website on prepaid hotel rooms and flights.  There’s also 24/7 assistance available if you have any issues with your bookings.

This is a free app that actually serves a purpose and gets used on more than one occasion after downloading it.  Orbitz also made a good move in making it available for both of the top phones instead of releasing it for one as other developers have done.  The app also keeps track of your trips which is really handy.  The app can be downloaded from the Orbitz site.


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