The Final Internet Explorer 6 Countdown

MicrosoftThe Final Internet Explorer 6 Countdown

It’s not often that a ten year old Internet Explorer browser still makes the news in 2011, but the Microsoft site, has made IE 6 a relevant topic.  This is because, according to Net Applications and a nifty little map, 12% of the world was still using Internet Explorer 6 last month.  Microsoft wants you to let it go.

Sure, they understand that sentimental bond that people can have with their browser, but Microsoft makes some good points on why it is time to say goodbye and the biggest one is that IE6 simply doesn’t support new web technologies.

So who is holding up this mission?  Mostly governments and corporations, applications that were written specifically for the browser are dependent upon that browser; either that or they will need to update the code.  Upgrading to 8 and now 9 would simply shut down the functionality of a lot of company-centric applications.


Microsoft has some migration tips and assistance on  They also suggest tweeting about this topic as well as putting a banner on your website that can only be seen by IE6 users.  There is one thing to be said for IE 6 compared to modern browsers; users probably don’t have to update IE 6 every month or so.


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