The Derbyjackpot and Xpressbet Deal

Gambling and BettingThe New York-based DerbyJackpot, an enterprise for social gaming that launched private beta testing of their DerbyJackpot game in September 2012 has gone into a deal with Xpressbet LLC an American Advanced Deposit Wagering provider to grow their product among another eleven states.

The game which is already offered in twenty-five US States will allow players to bet real money on live horse races by way of their electronic devices in an online and social environment.  It can be played now by adults that reside in California, Kansas, Idaho, New Mexico, Maryland, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Virgina, Wisconsin and Washington.

Xpressbet President, Ron Luniewski is reported to have said that DerbyJackpot shares their drive for providing horse racing online and making it available to millions of people to bet on, enjoy and watch the sport from all over the country.  He goes on to say that they are excited to group with a company that is introducing horse racing to a completely new fan demographic via the fun, social game.

DerbyJackpot is claiming most of DerbyJackpot’s registered players are horse racing newbies and that 500,000 bets were placed via the site after its debut in January.

DerbyJackpot chief executive officer and co-founder, Tom Hessert, is reported to say that as a result of horse racing being the only legal way to gamble online in the United States, DerbyJackpot is mostly the only outlet online for people who entertain themselves with real world gambling such as the lottery or sports betting.

He went on to say that they are excited  about their partnership with Xpressbet and The Stronach Group which is allowing them to gain access to even more people that have been waiting for DerbyJackpot to get to their State.