The Bohemians Movie, a Kickstarter Project Modernizing La Bohème

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One of the most popular operas ever performed is Puccini’s masterpiece La Bohème. It is based on a novel written by Henri Murger. The novel is a collection of vignettes that tell the story of bohemian youth residing in the Latin Quarter of Paris during the 1840s. The opera version emphasizes the relationship between the two characters Mimi and Rodolfo. It is an intense story which ultimately ends with Mimi’s death. The Bohemians Movie, Kickstarter Project is dedicated to bringing this powerful story to the big screen.

Filming in New York

Production of the film started during November of last year and most of the production has been completed. The film is now in post-production and music for The Bohemians Movie will be recorded during December of 2012. Verbal agreements have been reached with an established 25 piece orchestra. This is to accommodate the level of music quality desired for the production.

The support of the Kickstarter community is needed to keep this project on track to completion.

Serenade the Landlord

Serenade the Landlord – The Bohemians Movie © 2012

The goal of the project is to take the story of La Bohème out of the opera house and put it into the home. It’s the type of project that could change people’s understanding of classical music as well as opera, but also, it’s just a really good story.

The project’s version of the story takes place in Williamsburg. A group of struggling artists live as modern Bohemians. Mimi works at night as a bartender and lives in the same building as the writer Rodolfo. Their friends consist of a photographer, disc jockey and a barfly-with-no-worries who also happens to be a philosopher. One winter night when the power goes out Mimi meets Rodolfo and a passionate romance begins. Unfortunately her health issues and Rodolfo’s lifestyle produce some tragic results.

Independent Film

This Kickstarter project is designed to give people the opportunity to be a part of a classic independent film. Should someone not be able to contribute to the project they can still let others know about it passing it along the lines of their preferred social media.

The Bohemians Movie

The Bohemians Movie © 2012

The cast has emerging opera singers who saw the details of the project and instantly dedicated themselves to it. The challenge associated with singing on a cinematic stage instead of an operatic stage was something they embraced and were able to overcome. Graduates from the Manhattan School of Music, Academy of Vocal Arts in Philadelphia as well as Julliard have made major contributions to the film. The crew consists of experienced and dedicated professionals.

Today the project is in need of pledges to bring it to conclusion. These pledges will be used to record the arranged music as well as music mastering, picture color-correction and more. Doing this will enable the movie to enter the final stages of production and complete post production.

Anyone interested in learning more about the project or has a desire to contribute in some way can check out their website at or back the project directly at Kickstarter.


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