The Bilderberg Group Book “The Secrets of the Bilderberg Club” Fascinates Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro fascinated with Bilderberg Group

Fidel Castro is reportedly reading and get very fascinated in the Bilderberg Group topic. Bilderberg group has been alleged of infamous world plots of domination that includes politics, economics, and culture.

The 84-years old former Cuban prime minister published a three-page article in the Communist Party newspaper that highlight about the topic and refer to a book by Daniel Estulin called “The Secrets of the Bilderberg Club,” that was published in 2006. The group has been around for centuries; 800 year to be exact, right after the 4th crusade. The Bilderberg Group founded its name from a hotel in the Netherlands, Hotel de Bilderberg, with the inclusion of high profile politicians, thinkers and businessmen. Castro even called Estulin’s book a “fantastic story”.

However, the group has always denied the speculation stating that they have nearly three days of well-organized, informal, and off-the-record discussion about various topics.

In one of the excerpts you can read: “The man charged with ensuring that the Americans liked the Beatles was Walter Lippmann himself. In the United States and Europe, great open-air rock concerts were used to halt the growing discontent of the population,”

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