Texas Lawmaker Takes a Long Shot by Proposing to Legalize Online Poker on a Federal Level

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Texas may have more significance to poker players aside from being just a namesake to a poker game variation. Texas State Senator Leticia Van de Putte is taking a long shot at legalizing state-regulated online poker, by pushing for a legislative action that will amend the constitution on a federal level. Such action requires joint resolutions that signify the approval of both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives, as well as the signature of the U.S. President in order to enact or ratify the amendment. The proposed amendment will give every U.S. state, the option to legalize Internet-based poker by instituting related guidelines in each of the state’s constitution. The guidelines will serve as basis for formulating and establishing the regulations and policies of a state licensing program that will govern poker online games and operations.

Senator Van de Putte’s proposed amendment to the Texas constitution includes expressing the state’s intention to opt in, once the U.S. constitution includes a federal law that recognizes the legality of state-regulated poker online games and facilities. The senator’s proposed amendment takes further steps by including a statement that in the absence a federal law that provides for such an option, the state will allow the operation of poker online games and facilities by tasking its lottery agencies to regulate and oversee such operations. This proposal, however, involves the holding of a referendum in which the people of Texas will vote for its ratification.

Texas Senator Van De Putte’s proposal may be a long shot; but the ratification of a federal bill that recognizes placing and accepting bets to play poker online as lawful, will benefit other U.S. states currently contemplating on making online gambling legal.

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