Domain Sale Notification News, an industry favorite, premium domain website has recently been put up for auction at The site receives around 30,000 unique visitors and over 100,000 page views monthly., like other sites that have a strong following and high page ranking make excellent sites to produce a steady flow of income from affiliate marketing campaigns as well as PPC advertising services like Google Adwords. specifically, would make an excellent site for online based businesses related to the tattoo industry as well as brick and mortar ink shops or ink supply stores.

The tattoo industry has recently experienced a resurfacing because of television programs that follow the industry. The tattoo industry has become a truly hot property with over 22,000 parlors reported in the United States Alone. It is an industry that fails to go unnoticed and with the advent of the internet, the search term, ‘tattoos’ has become one of the most widely searched terms in history.

In the past, tattoos were often associated with tribal cultures of Africa and South America as well as sailors and bikers, but a lot has changed in recent years. The popularity of tattoos now covers a diverse array of people and cultures and can be found on athletes, teachers, NASA scientists and top ranking government officials. Tattoos continue to gain popularity and this is one of the reasons that will be an excellent purchase for the winner of the auction located at this link.—HIGH-TRAFFIC—LOW-RESERVE–Bonus

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