Tattoo Lovers Flocking to TatTap Tattoos App

TatTap App iTunesWith more than 40,000 TatTap Tattoos App users, ink enthusiasts are finding that the app (located on iTunes) provides not only a great diversion in rating celebrity tattoos, but also some seriously great functions such as being able to discover tattoo parlors and artists in the vicinity of the iPhone. TatTap App

If you aren’t inked then you just might not understand, but if you know someone or are are someone that has a tat, then you completely get how powerful this type of application is.  Tattoos belong to a growing culture of people that have a rich history of the ink arts dating back to the ancient Egyptians.  Not only that, but they are a distinct way to identify ones personality, purpose and beliefs with a simple or intricate symbol.

Tattoos App

The developers of TatTap Tattoos App understands Tattoo Lovers to a T.  They obviously used a lot of their users feedback to fill the app with a lot of useful functionality and fun tools.  Trial Tat is one of the best features of TatTap Tattoos App and allows you to check out what a tattoo will look like on you without taking needle to skin.

iTunes Tattoo App

Check out TatTap Tattoos App at the iTunes store or if you or a friend are tattoo lovers.

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