Tattoo app Ink Fans are Using TatTap Finding New Tat Designs and Tattoo Parlors

Tattoo Parlors Tattoo Artists Tattoo LoversShowing off your Tats and hearing that your friends have seen that one before? Might be a little embarrassing and apparently never has to happen if you are using the TatTap app for Tattoo designs and Tattoo Parlors. This app not only connects tattoo lovers with other ink savvy enthusiasts but it also helps members find brand new, never before seen designs from brand new tattoo artists that are emerging everyday.

One of the unique features that is drawing so much attention to this app is that it allows members to locate tattoo parlors and tattoo artists in the vicinity of the member. Even better than that, you can check out some of the designs from those very artists and parlors right from your Anroid or your iPhone.

New tattoo artists are using this feature to their advantage by displaying their works and getting feedback right then and there. That feedback is shown on the app and members can even vote on the tattoos. If a member finds a tattoo they dig, they can even upload a photo of themselves and try out the tat virtually. Over the past few months, TatTap has been receiving some great recognition from the tattoo community.

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