TatTap is now Available for Android

tattap mobile app for AndroidTatTap.com – Home of the Tattoo App used by the top rock stars in the industry has finally been released for the Android. The app has gained its popularity on the iPhone and with the Android release, should be making its way up the App Charts to number one in no time.  TatTap is a fun app that allows you to rate celebrity tattoos, upload your own ink and even check out how a tattoo will look on you.  One of the cooler features is the tattoo parlor and artist locational service.  Wherever you are, if there is a tattoo shop it will let you know.

TatTap comes from the app producer VisonSync that has brought us other popular apps like SocialConnect and iVirtual.  TatTap has a huge following already, so Android users have been left behind until now.  With the release of the app for the Android platform, users will now be able to access a database of over 10,000 tattoo shops worldwide as well as the rating system for tattoos that the app provides.

You can check out the features of this app at TatTap.com.

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