Tap Tap App Becomes the Longest Running, Most Downloaded App

Mobile AppsIf you’re looking for a fun game then you should check out the Tap Tap Revenge 4! Brought to you by Tapulous, Inc. this game is actually the longest running and most downloaded game of all! The Revenge 4 is an upgraded version that makes a good game even better! Here is how to play; you basically tap and shake your phone to all sorts of music that you like. Many of us find ourselves tapping to the beat of a song we like anyway!

Some of the artists include Lady Gaga, Taio Cruz, Ke$ha, Metallica and more! The library of songs offers a huge selection and it is all the hits of today so you can sing along as you tap. Some new features include being able to tap a ‘like’ button so others can see you like a song, a brand new arcade mode and an integration Apple Game center.

If you’re the type to get addicted to games then you may be an addict when it comes to this game. Experience the adrenaline rush and tap to the beats of your favorite songs with this awesome game Tap Tap!

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