Taking Your Pet on Vacation, Some Hotels are Pet Friendly

pet friendly hotels best westernTaking Your Pet on Vacation

Family summer vacations are great. You’re packed and the kids are all excited. But now, you have to drop your beloved family pet at the kennel. While not normally a big issue, some would much rather be able to take the pet on vacation instead of paying the boarding fees at some kennels. Or maybe you, the spouse and kids just don’t want to be away from your furry family member.

Hotel Charges for Pets

Is it possible to include the family pet on a vacation without having to camp or staying in a fleabag motel? Actually, it is surprising to see how many hotels are pet-friendly these days. The hotel may charge an extra fee for Fido or Fluffy, but it’s probably going to be less than what you’d pay for boarding.

Kimpton Hotels actually have Directors of Pet Relations. Bosco is director at the FireSky Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. If you visit the Hotel Burnham in Chicago, Dillon is on staff there. The hotels offer special packages for your pets like dog walking services, pet massage, scratching posts, gourmet treats and chew toys.

Best Western Hotels

Another hotel chain that is pet-friendly are Best Western hotels. Each hotel is individually owned, so you have to check, but you can search their site and choose “pet-friendly” as an amenity. The standard policy is usually up to two dogs per room with a weight limit of 80 pounds. Cats, birds and other pets are at the discretion of the hotel. There is an extra charge of $10 per day.

Choice Hotels International, which include Comfort Suites, Clarions, Quality Inns and Comfort Inns, are pet-friendly, depending on the hotel. Look for the hotels with the paw print darkened to signify they allow pets. Check with each hotel for its specific pet policy, as they will vary from state to state.
So, before leaving your pet behind, check to see if you can take him along for the adventure.

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