Take a Fall Trip to a State Fair

Take a Fall Trip to a State Fair

State fairs offer fun for the entire family. It being the end of August, many state fairs are over, but there are still many to be held around the country. For an inexpensive weekend getaway, a visit to an out-of-state state fair may be just the ticket to your family fun.

Even though it’s the end of August, there are still nearly a dozen state fairs occurring around the country. From the Massachusetts to Washington state, from Texas to Virginia, along with North and South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, New Mexico, Arizona, Eastern Idaho and Arkansas. Basically, no matter where you live, there’s probably a state fair within a day’s drive.

The fun thing about this family vacation is that it can be made into an adventure. Rough it by staying in a campground for a weekend. If this is something you don’t usually do, the kids will love it if you make a big deal about it. A campfire and Smores would be the coup de gras.

If a tent isn’t your thing, get an inexpensive motel room and bring sleeping bags for the kids. Check ahead to see if the motel has a DVD player so you can watch movies and have popcorn.

Before you leave on your out-of-state adventure, make a list of facts you want to discover about the state you’re visiting while at the fair. It sounds silly, but it can be a fun family time or if the kids are older, a really good competition to see who gets the extra deep-fried Snickers bar.

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