Take a Cruise Where? Discover Antarctica

Royal Caribbean CruisesWhen people think of taking a cruise, the destination is usually somewhere warm and sunny.  They picture themselves lying in a deck chair, sipping on some exotic mixed drink.  Total relaxation.   Not a bad way to spend two weeks of vacation.  But for those of you who like adventure, who like doing things that fall outside of the box, why not try a cruise to Antarctica?

Antarctica?  The picture isn’t a pretty one when you think of the cold, inhospitable chunk of ice at the bottom of the world.  You can take a cruise there?  Yes, you can!  While it can be quite expensive depending on the ship and the package you choose, there are some reasonably priced adventure cruises available.

A basic 11-or 12-day Antarctic cruise starts at $4890/person.  That cruise from Quark Expeditions leaves from Ushuaia, Argentina.   The first four days are spent at sea, crossing the Drake Passage.  Days five through eight can be spent kayaking, hiking, or cross-country skiing.  For the really adventurous, you can experience a polar plunge in Neko Harbour.  Not that adventurous?  You can sit quietly on a beach, watching the penguins.  On days nine and ten, you cross the Drake Passage back to Argentina.

You can also choose to extend your trip by adding on mini-adventures like scuba diving in the Galapagos Islands or snorkeling with sea lions off Peninsula Valdes before or after your cruise.  Other cruise lines such as Polar Cruises, Expedition Trips, and Adventure Life offer cruises similar to those of Quark.


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