What is the Best Tablet PC

pc tabletThere’s a decision that many are facing when they need a new computer.  Should they go with a Tablet PC, laptop or desktop.  The true test of which to get depends on a few factors.  The first factor is cost.  Desktops are quickly decreasing in price where laptops are remaining about the same.  Some laptops which are being discontinued can be purchased at retailers like Best Buy for under $299.   A Tablet PC can run you anywhere from $499 and up depending on what brand and what wireless provider you may want for service.

The second most important factor regarding this purchase is what the device will be used for.  If you only need it for a minimal amount of typing, then a PC Tablet would suffice, the iPad and iPad 2 have external keyboards which are sold separately, but working with the tablet for an extend amount of time typing may bother some with carpal tunnel.  If you don’t need to go mobile with your computing then your best bet for the price right now would be a desktop PC.  If you need the device for tasks such as a lot of graphics work, blogging or other work then a laptop would fit perfectly.

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