Sony Eyes Tablet PCs Market

Tablet PcKunimasa Suziki, CEO of Sony’s computer products division believes that Sony can catch up to Apple in the Tablet Pc market by picking up the stragglers that have yet to purchase a tablet pc.

Tablet PC Market

Not everyone is as confident as Suzuki, but it is a rather large market and Sony’s innovations have surprised many in the past.  The tablet pc market is expected to top forty-nine billion dollars by 2015.  Sony believes that that is a conservative number.

Sony Android OS Tablet PC

Not only is Sony planning on mass producing Android OS run tablet pcs for 2012, they are also scheduled to release a Windows backed tablet pc this year in time for December.

Tablet Pc or Laptop

Consumers are being more reserved with the purchase of tablet pcs because of the release of the iPad 2, many are waiting for the next generation of pc tablets to hit the market as to not purchase outdated technology.  Many are still wondering to go with tablet pc or laptop.

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