Summer and What to Wear to the Beach for Vacation

VacationYou’ve been dreaming about the perfect summer vacation, relaxing on a glorious beach in the perfect outfit, but you have no idea where that is, or what it is you’re wearing.  Fortunately there has recently been a website released to help you plan this and more.  Beach Tomato is the brainchild of Black Tomato founders, whose goal it is to make sure you are the best dressed on whatever beach you may choose.

This website gives the viewer the opportunity to view the many different pros and cons of each beach throughout the world, and will even help you plan the perfect outfits to wear during your trip, allowing you to blend in with the locals all the while standing out in your own way, and being at the height of fashion.

Whether you need advice packing that perfect little dress for an evening stroll on the water, or the best swimsuit ensemble, complete with stylish sunglasses, let this website show you what everyone is wearing.


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