Sony provides Software to Fix Overheating Vaio Laptops

Sony Vaio Laptops Problems

Sony Corporation, Japanese electronics specialist, said Wednesday that they already started distributing free software updates to more than half a million users worldwide to troubleshoot a technical problem that could cause its popular Vaio laptops to overheat.

The company mentioned that they received 39 complains, including 26 in the United States, of users complaining about the heat and deformation of the shape of their laptops. Fortunately, no injuries incident were reported, Sony said.

There are approximately 535,000 Vaio laptops worldwide, most of the affected laptops are in United States, Japan, and the rest of Asia. The company is expecting to receive 259,000 units sold through the U.S. market, and 103,000 units from Europe, as well as 120,000 from Asia, and a further 52,000 from the Japanese market. All of the malfunctioning models were sold after January 2010.

The overheating could occur when a user plugs in an adapter to charge the battery when the power is nearly used up, Sony said.

Sony is offering a free software application download to configure the flaw, and retard Vaio users have been informed by email.

In 2006, Sony had a global recall of 9.6 million faulty notebook batteries over quality problems.

After incurring annual losses for two straight years, Sony expected to return to the black in the current fiscal year, which ends in March 31, 2011, they forecasted 50 billion yen ($564 million) net profit, on revenue of 7.6 trillion yen.

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