Sony-Hulu Deal On The Cards

Sony Corp is planning to come up with yet another lucrative venture which involves an agreement to carry a paid TV service from Hulu LLC, operator of the second-largest video website, on its PlayStation 3 game console. This was revealed by a reliable source close to the deal. However, this latest venture of Sony Corp. is yet to be disclosed publicly.

The prime objective behind this agreement is to provide the owners a distinct variety of options and a much wider scope in terms of viewership, which would ultimately prove to be economically viable for both the owners as well as the two parties involved.

Access to video-game consoles would give Hulu’s planned pay service a wider set of audience and strong revenue backup by making its Internet programming more widely available on television sets. Hulu is also looking up for expansion and is in talks to put its $9.95 a month service on Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox.

However, according to a recent market analysis on the Tokyo stock exchange, the shares of the third largest TV maker Sony Corp. have remarkably declined 7.8 percent this year. But the recent and upcoming developments in terms of broadening their projects and technological advancements can quite possibly be used as comeback plans.

Yet another striking feature of this venture is to renew and revive the content and the possible ways through which they can cater to a larger section of the audience as well as add new shows to attract paying subscribers.

As per the future planning prospects of Hulu is concerned, it plans to soon begin charging customers and is looking to expand its content to consumer devices like the Xbox and iPad.

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