Some Jumped the Gun with Online Gambling

Online BingoDespite the great progress occurring in the online gambling scene in the United States of America such as the new bill in New Jersey, the laws in Pennsylvania among other states, there are some states that are furiously defending their states against online gambling. This includes Hayward City, the 6th biggest municipality that is located in the San Francisco Bay area. The city is closely monitoring internet cafes in order to prevent them from offering online gambling services.

The city intends to implement a forty-five day moratorium on any enterprise that is providing citizens with online gambling services. These cafes offer customers computer terminals that allow them to participate in sweepstakes kind of games, which is one of the illegal forms of gambling in the municipality of Hayward City. Following the announcement by the Hayward City, one of the biggest companies in this field already closed its doors with many more to follow it.

The council of Hayward City is going to consider holding an emergency ordinance that will discuss preventing any gambling activity at such cafes during the forty-five day moratorium. The purpose behind this moratorium is to provide the staff members of Hayward City with the needed time in order to come up with long-term and effective recommendations. These recommendations will probably include an extension to the moratorium and modifying the zoning ordinance of Hayward City.

These actions came as a result of the numerous complaints that were delivered to the city regarding internet gambling. Customers have revealed that many internet cafes are offering them internet gambling services on the premises of the internet cafés. The staff members of the city have already sent out letters to internet cafés operators asking them to shut down all of their sweepstakes operations and computers. The Bureau of Gambling Control for the state has declared these operations as illegal gambling operations.

Hayward is located in Alameda County, and the county itself has started taking steps that would enable it to shut down all of these internet cafes that provide visitors with illegal gambling services. This is because these establishments claim to be internet cafes while in reality, they are internet gambling establishments.

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