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According to the report that was made by Juniper Research, the world-wide known information firm, the market for social gaming and gambling is rapidly growing. Besides this, the soon legalized online gambling and intrastate lottery games and casino games will also contribute in the growth of social gaming. All of the things mentioned will help in pushing the success of tablets and mobile phone’s sales to up to 100 billion dollars in 3 years in 2017. These numbers are very huge when compared to the numbers pulled last year, which was near 20 billion dollars in sales.

In this report, Juniper focused on the great success and the drastic increase in betting that happened with the United Kingdom sport betting bookmakers in 2012. The numbers indicate that more than 20% of the betting that was wagered was done through cell phones. The report also stated that despite the fact that sport wagering is considered the most active category of gambling that gets its wagers through cell phones, it is still expected to be overwhelmed by casino gambling in the next 5 years.

Dr. Windsor Holden, the author of the report has stated that social gaming firms, especially Zynga, are looking forward to moving on from their current category, which is play for fun casino games into real cash casino gambling. Lastly, the report indicated that this growth of mobile casino gaming has been initiated with the reversal of the Dept. of Justice regarding the Wire Act.

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