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Freeapps.orgIf you are looking for the perfect music phone app then you should check out Slacker. Similar to Pandora, as soon as you set up your account you’ll be jamming out instantly. The great thing about this app is that the user is able to enter in either an artist’s name or the name of a song and the playlist is created from that as well as what genre desired. brings you reviews on some of the hottest new apps out there be them free or pay. rates this app highly because of its attention to detail and its similarity to Pandora. You can also skip stations, only 6 skips per station, unless of course you pay a monthly fee. Not to mention that the music library has 4 times the amount as music versus Pandora. It will also consider what favorites and what genres have been played most frequently and from that amount of popularity, it will customize your station as well as be played at anytime. If you’re looking to get your favorite tunes on your cell phone then the Slacker application is ideal.

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