Shuffle and Deal or Shuffle What’s the Deal with Online Poker?

online gamblingShuffle and Deal or Shuffle, What’s the Deal with Online Poker?

Subtract the millions of dollars a year that are generated by US land based casinos, riverboats, lotteries, racetracks and church bingo and you are still left with a billion dollar gambling industry. Where are these countless riches being generated from? The Boyd Gaming Corp and MGM Resorts apparently feel that the money is in online poker and are betting on Bwin.Party and the legalization of online poker in the US.

Online Poker Money

This massive deal would keep US online poker money in the US and could pave the way for other deals that would take the now shady funds and bring them to the light of day, but more importantly, the coffers of the US Treasury.

This partnership which is shared 25 MGM/10 Boyd /65 Bwin while still a gamble on Congress, may be the first step in laying the groundwork for how legal online poker will operate in the US. The US will need to set up some sort of gambling licensing czar to start collecting the big bucks and help start paying down the US debt; but this certainly could work. Bwin.Party is a massive force in the gaming industry and MGM, while its stocks have declined sharply this year, is still a presence in the entertainment and resort industries. The sheer power of the combination of experience resulting from this partnership gives the future of legal online poker a more concrete feel to it. Perhaps Congress will see it the same way.

Online Gambling in Canada

Currently the US is the only country in North America that does not allow online gambling as Canada and Mexico already have online gambling industries.

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