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sports shoes shoe shopPeople always say that everyone is created differently, so why is it that most sports shoes, whether for running, cross training, or other sports activities, are made in generally the same way? For the majority of the people around the world there are shoes that will fit their feet, and provide enough comfort to exercise and reduce injures.

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However, for people with high arches, or flat feet, finding a sports and exercise shoe that fits and provides proper support and comfort is a difficult task. The first step in finding what kind of sports shoe will provide the needed support is to determine what type of foot one has. This can be done by looking at a footprint made when the person simply stands with feet shoulder width apart. Feet that have high arches will see the heel and ball of the foot clearly printed, and may or may not see a slight line connecting the two on the outer side.

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People who suffer from flat feet will see a completely or mostly flat footprint, one that does not show the inner curve where the arch should be. Once this part is determined the runner can either purchase specially made shoes, or purchase inserts which can be placed inside the shoe.

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