Sensible Soccer Euro Cup Slot, Football Slot Game Style

Football Slot GameSensible Soccer Euro Cup Slot

Football is grabbing the spotlight in Europe this year, as the UEFA Champions League is in its semi finals phase alongside having the Euro Cup starting this June. This had led to the release of many new slot games at different online casinos that are football themed. For example, Alderney Virgin Casino has already launched its new football themed game that is called Sensible Soccer Euro Cup Slot game which is developed by Ash Gaming. This game combines both football events mentioned above, as it covers the Euro Cup while having the UEFA Champions League as the bonus game.

Since this game is football themed, the Sensible Soccer Euro Cup Slot comes with a stadium on its reel’s background. The symbols are also football themed as they include football, goalie, player trophy and a stadium. What makes the symbols so unique is that they are made out of Lego bricks. As for the high value symbols they are jersey numerical. It also has a free spin feature, when it is triggered the players gets to choose one out of the three available modifiers. Each modifier will give the player a certain number of free spins and has its own reel set. The more the free spins, the lower the payouts in average. The Fanatic modifier will give the player ten free spins. The Banker modifier will give the player fifteen free spins. The Wobbler modifier will give the player twenty free spins. If the player gets lucky and a wild symbol appears on the reels while in the free spin round, a lot of symbols will transform into wild symbols for this specific spin.

Football Slot Game Style

Every game has its bonus round, and the Sensible Soccer Euro Cup Slot game is no different, its bonus round is called The Euro Cup bonus. This bonus round can be triggered when the players gets 3 bonus symbols on the reels, or by wagering thirty times the current stake that the player selected. When the player buys his way into the bonus round it gives him better odds, as it increases his chances in hitting the progressive jackpot.

The bonus game is basically a simulation of the last phases in the UEFA Champions League. The game will provide the players with highlights of the games and the scores of the recent matches. Then the player gets to pick one of the sixteen teams displayed on the screen. The more that team wins in this virtual cup, the more the winning. If the team reaches the knockout phase and wins, the team progresses to the next round. To stimulate the real cup each knockout phase has 2 legs, like the real league. If the team that the player chooses loses at the knockout stage, the player will get credited the bonus wining he earned to that stage.

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