Second Wave of Online Gambling Probe Focuses on Donations to Campaign

Slot MachinesAfter sweeping the state of Florida with multiple arrests and closure of Internet cafes owned by Allied Veterans of the World (AVW), members of the multiple-agency team of “Operation: Reveal the Deal” are now digging up records on how much of the $300 million untaxed profits amassed by AVW went to political campaign funds and lobbying firms.

Earlier investigations revealed that the charity leaders funneled in 260 different bank accounts, the money derived from selling Internet time and from online gambling operations. Although AVW claimed that 70 percent went to charity works, IRS investigators gave estimate that only two percent or about $6 million actually went to charity.

Preliminary probes revealed that the key people behind AVW bought a total of 170 prime real estate properties and 80 luxury vehicles including a yacht.

The staff members of Florida politicians are currently busy reviewing the records of campaign donations received, as investigators have so far established that as much as $327,000 and $207,000 went to Florida’s Republican and Democratic Parties respectively. In view of this, Florida Gov. Rick Scott, some Florida legislators and other political figures, who support the banning of Internet cafes are taking actions. They intend to donate to other charitable institution, any equivalent amount of contribution received from Allied Veterans of the World and its affiliates. In North Carolina, the state governor and the Democrats have likewise signified their intention to donate the funds received from International Internet Technologies. The latter being the software manufacturing company owned by one of the prominent figures arrested in the non-profit scandal, since he likewise gained millions in untaxed money by furnishing Allied Veterans of the World with Internet gambling software.

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