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With Google’s release of the updated version of Panda, it has become much more of a competition to attain a higher ranking in Google. Panda has made it so that a website cannot cheat the search engine optimization process by filling their website with spam links. Web designers now have to use various other techniques to bring in their traffic that doesn’t involve unnecessary links.

Google Panda and Search Engine Optimization

Google Panda has made it so that websites that try to use search engine optimization to bring in traffic now have to use their website content much more. Not only does a website’s content have to be packed with specific keywords, but it has to be constantly updated as well. Google is now paying much more attention to how often a website updates their content as to how high they will be ranked in search engine results.

Content for Search Engine Optimization

Creating daily content that is full of keywords can be difficult, but nobody said that search engine optimization was easy. Gone are the days that spamming links allowed a website to hop up to the top of search engine results. Not only is Google cracking down on links, but they have cracked down on the overuse of ads as well. If a website is covered in ads, that will lower the website’s ranking as well. Users do not go to a website to look at ads, they want to see informative content. With these updates rankings have been changed around, but overall it has allowed Google users to have a much better, and more relevant, Google experience.

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