School Lunch Diet Plan Reform via Blog

diet plans diet plansIn a bold move, a school teacher decided to try and reform her school lunch diet plan by doing something that only technology could make possible; she ate her school’s lunch every day, took pictures of it, and then blogged about it. For 162 days she did this, no matter what sort of food was served, to show what schools can get away with serving nutritiously.

To help protect her identity and job, she published the blog under a pseudonym of “Mrs. Q”, and to her surprise, it was a hit. Not only did she gain a whole slew of followers, but she also gained popularity and support from other teachers around the world. In more recent developments, school board officials must have recognized their menu and made a conscious effort to introduce more fresh fruits and vegetables into the menu.

Unfortunately, they cannot do anything to encourage the children to eat the new menu, but by making an effort to improve the nutritional value of what they serve, it may be enough to make a difference.

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