Schleswig Holstein Bwin.Party Lawsuit

There has been a lot of news that the new govt. of the German state Schleswig Holstein is going to abandon the previous liberal laws of online gambling.

It has been stated that the govt. is going to turn its back on internet gambling and join the more restrict regime that other German states are following. Many companies stated that if the new govt. alters or breaches any terms or conditions of their licenses, they will go to court and as for the companies awaiting their licenses, they also made similar threats.

This is exactly what two of the biggest gambling operators have done. Bwin.Party and MyBet has started legal suits against the new govt. of Schleswig Holstein. They based their law suits on allegation that the govt. is delaying the issuing of their licenses of internet gambling without any reasons.

Bwin.Party and MyBet are not the only companies waiting for their licenses as they are two of many companies that are awaiting the issue of their internet gambling licenses.

The new govt. and the new regime of SH is trying to revert and abandon all of the liberal online gambling laws in the state and return to the Treaty with other fifteen states in Germany that follow a more restrict regime when it comes to internet gambling.

The problem that faces the govt. is that such actions would put them at the receiving end of many lawsuits from companies that got their licenses and others that are awaiting theirs.


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