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Hosted ExchangeSamsung has been at the forefront of the smartphone market, trying desperately to keep up with the popularity of the iPhone.  They have many options for people wanting a good phone without the price of Apple’s products, and are once again releasing another new model, this time exclusive to those belonging to AT&T’s network.

This new model, the Infuse 4G, is slated to be released on May 15th, and is said to be one of the thinnest 4G smartphones on the market right now.  As an added incentive, this model of phone will also include a copy of Angry Birds, a game that is uncannily popular.  This is not the average game however; this one contains a special level only available to Infuse users.
Other features of this phone include both a front and rear camera, with the rear one measuring 8 megapixels, and the front a generous 1.3.  The screen, a Super AMOLED, is the largest of any Samsung smartphone, and has one of the top spots in AT&T’s phone lineup.  Like with many other Samsung smart phones, this one also features the popular Android OS.


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