Samsung Mobile Shape Puzzle, Teaching Children While They Play

Samsung Mobile AppsTeaching children with Samsung Mobile Apps?  Shape Puzzle is a preschool learning app that will help engage and improve a child’s problem solving and shape recognition skills. The suggested age range is 2-6 year olds, although children as young as 18 months have completed some of these puzzles.

The app is currently comprised of 6 scenes each depicting different themes. The current scenes include transportation, market, forest, room, ocean world and a Christmas scene. Each scene contains 15-20 puzzles, the incomplete puzzles show up in a grey color and upon completion the scene becomes colorful. The option to restart individual puzzles or an entire scene is available.

At the completion of each puzzle the child is shown the picture of the object, the word is displayed on the screen and is pronounced clearly for your child to hear. Children can touch the word to hear it again or touch the picture to be brought back to the scene. This is a great way to teach a child how to recognize and learn new words and objects that they encounter every day.

Completing the puzzles also helps with the logic and reasoning skills. Children love the bright colors and enjoy playing as they learn. There have already been a handful of updates for this app and there are more updates to look forward to in the near future.

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