Samsung and Apple, The World is Flat

iPhone AppsThe latest in technology news is that Apple has filed a lawsuit against the Samsung Corporation. Samsung has come out with a device that is very similar to the iPhone and Apple is saying that they are copying the patented design that they hold for the iPhone and iPad.

This lawsuit was filed last Friday and Samsung is being asked if the design of their new device was intentionally made to copy the iPhone or if it was accidental. Apple is a little annoyed to say the least, in one report stating that they are upset that the Samsung Corporation cannot just be innovative and create their own ideas.

A large corporation that cannot come up with new ideas like taking the same device and making it thinner, repackaging it in a different color and upping the price is preposterous. Hopefully Samsung will go back to the drawing board and create a phone device that somehow doesn’t look like every other flat object that is being sold for hundreds of dollars.

It will be interesting to see how long Samsung had this device in R&D and if Apple really has a case.  Then again, it was probably fascinating to watch the first toaster be mimicked and the hoopla surrounding that event.  Meanwhile, Apple’s incredibly innovate iPad 2 still continues to sellout around the nation.



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