Rumor: Apple iPad 2 With Camera and FaceTime Before Christmas

Rumor: Apple iPad 2 With Camera and FaceTime Before Christmas

This is quicker than we expected: AppleInsider reported that Apple is planning to release a second generation Apple tablet PC before the year ends. A source with an “inside knowledge of Apple’s future plans” claims that the company is gearing to released a new iPad equipped with front-facing camera and FaceTime and it will be available before the holidays.

Rumored surfaced that Apple is currently in advanced testing of its updated tablet PC, and the device will come equipped with improved memory and high resolution display.

CEO Steve Jobs sparked rumors that an iPad with a camera was on process at apple’s annual event speech, after he accidentally or intentionally mentioned that HDR photography was integrated to the tablet PC.

AppleInsider also said that Apple have been pushing hard to get the new Pad out in time for Holiday shopping season to fit in nicely with the yet to be released iOS 4.2, which is set to launch in November. It seems to go against Apple’s traditional way of pushing out a new device ever year and in its original release date of April 2011, but with emerging new rival tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab that also supports video calling, it seems Apple may be trying to expedite its production to defend its tablet PC domination.

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