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Kickstarter The Silent City

Episode 1 of The Silent City is now available on YouTube.

Episode 2 of The Silent City is now available on YouTube.

Episode 3 of The Silent City is now available on YouTube.

Episode 4 of The Silent City is now available on YouTube.

Episode5 of The Silent City is now available on YouTube.


Kickstarter is a popular crowdfund website that is geared towards anything considered artistic.  On the website backers can make pledges on projects that include board games, short films, and even a web series like The Silent City.

With only 20 days left to go to reach a total goal of $10,000, Rubidium Wu’s new project, The Silent City has already collected 142 backers and $8,222 as of the writing of this article.  There are a few good reasons why backers have joined to greenlight this project with their own money:

1) Felicia Day (Loveable Internet Sensation, Writer/Director/The Guild) has backed the film and has also enlisted her legion of Twitter Followers to do the same.

2) The project, even at the $25 dollar level gives backers a piece of immortality for their pledge.

The Glorious Masses – A copy of the finished DVD, signed by the director and your name on the ‘Wall of Heros’ – a memorial that will appear in the credits of each episode.

Deluxe Destruction – A DVD and limited edition The Silent City poster by Finnish concept artist Olli Hihnala. Also an invitation to our exclusive wrap party, somewhere in New York City mid-2012…

The Zombie Horde – You (yes, you) will have the opportunity to be one of the extras in the final episode of Series 1. You will need to be available to spend a day in the greater NYC area and run around in a costume that will probably be uncomfortable. Trust us, it will be awesome. +Signed DVD and poster…

More rewards available on the website. 

3) Rubidium Wu, an already commercially established and award winning filmmaker, as well as a documentarian, has given this project real character.  Besides including the backers into the project (above mentioned rewards), Rubidium also gives a behind the scenes look at how he mixes 3D modeling technology with his training as a painter to create a virtual, apocalyptic universe.

An artsy zombie film?  Romero’s Night of the Living Dead eventually became accepted as art, but didn’t necessarily start off that way – so already, The Silent City has that going for it.

4) Apocalyptic New York Setting with Zombies?  Yes, please.

Some comments from backers about The Silent City and their reasoning for backing it:

“…As a citizen of New York, I can only dream of having it all to myself, silent, no jackhammering, no police sirens, no random crazy guy talking to himself on the sidewalk, and without the cab honking. Keep up your work!”  Matthias Schmitt

“I love the idea of using relatively deserted places (esp in such a dynamic, vital, busy place as New York City) as the backdrop of this project rather than a set. It’s intriguing to me to think of finding silence is such a place. I love the photos you’ve posted and I love that there are places in NYC that are overgrown, that it’s not all glass and steel.”  Katie Whitehead

With Kickstarter, backers can even get Executive Producer credits on some projects.  A play to for your personal vanity? Perhaps.  Your name on the big (or small screen)– most definitely, and if the project turns into a mega-hit like The Guild, then bragging rights on how smart you are.

If (or when) The Silent City is funded, it will have a place next to other great zombie works, but also stand apart in its creativity and art.

Follow the link to the Kickstarter project site for more info on the web series The Silent City and details on additional pledge prizes.


Pledges made to projects are not charged until the project meets its goal.  

Source: The Silent City

http://www.kickstarter. com/projects/1747096622/the-silent-city

Full Disclosure Statement:  The author of this article is a backer of this project but does not profit monetarily from its creation. 


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