Royal Wedding Party Jitters

Royal wedding PartyHow will you spend April, 29th 2011?  Will you attend a large event in your city or throwing your own Royal Wedding party?  Lost and Twin Peaks party throwers have nothing on the extent of preparation and dedication that a Royal Wedding party host has.  If you are hosting a Royal Wedding party, you should probably have started your planning quite some time ago.  If the idea just occurred to you, then you’ll need to hurry and spend a bit of money to get everything in order.  If you haven’t sent out invitations or e-vites, you might want to create a Facebook event now to gauge how many will be in attendance.

If you need any advice on how to decorate or what to serve, you will find an abundance of helpful information on the internet.  Debi Lilly is going all out with her party and you can find out some of what she suggests at  Debi is so detailed that she even offers drink recipes of the Royals favorite beverages.  As it appears on Debi’s site, the Princess Kate Pina Colada recipe:

•3 parts dark rum
•1 part coconut rum
•2 parts lime juice
•2 parts pineapple juice
• Crushed ice

• Chopped pineapple and orange

Depending on the size of your pitcher, combine ingredients and shake over
crushed ice. Fill your pitcher, and then pour into glasses with fresh fruit
to include pineapple and oranges.


You can also find out what Will’s favorite drink recipe is at the same website,

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