Royal Caribbean Port of Miami Confirmed

Royal Caribbean Cruise LineRoyal Caribbean Port of Miami Confirmed

Royal Caribbean has recently announced that it will keep its headquarters at Port of Miami, at least through 2021 per a contract that was recently signed. The company currently rents three buildings as its headquarters at the port, and currently pays close to four million dollars a year in rent payments for the properties.

The buildings are in need of some repairs, and per the agreement the $6 million estimated cost will be split with the county paying $3.5 million and Royal Caribbean paying the rest. The company also guaranteed that 325,000 customers will pass through the terminal every year, which is 50,000 less than any other year.

If Royal Caribbean should have more clients than that amount, a discount will be issued for the port fees per every 50,000 that pass through. This is promising news for the company, which has used the port for a number of years already successfully

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