Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Honeymoon Wish List

royal caribbean cruise lineRoyal Caribbean Cruise Line is providing newlyweds and those soon to be wed, a registry that provides a free website for your wedding, guest messaging board and allows gift-givers to pay for portions of the couple’s honeymoon or even the destination of the wedding.  Wedding gifts have traditionally been a way for newly married couples to get those household items and appliances that new couples need to start off their new life together.  However, modern couples are bringing more to the table as many are both employed or have lived together for a number of years before making the big commitment.

The Royal Caribbean Honeymoon Registry makes it simple for guests to put the money towards a honeymoon to remember instead of a toaster that will be forgotten.  The registry makes planning the honeymoon easy and as a bonus, it takes the pressure off of your guests for gift buying.  The Royal Caribbean partner that runs the registry has served of 120,000 weddings and has done so since 2003.

More information about the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Honeymoon Registry can be found at this website: .


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