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Royal Caribbean Cruise LineLate last year the Royal Caribbean cruise line debuted their newest and most feature packed ship, The Allure of the Seas. The ship features an ice skating rink, a two story dance hall, rock climbing walls, miniature golf, and even a theater that can sit over one thousand people. It is the first ship of its caliber offering items never before available at sea, for example the Starbucks coffees stand. Taking its maiden voyage at the beginning of December 2010, passenger reviews have been extremely positive.

All of these amazing features contribute to why Atlantis Events has rented the enormous cruise ship for its 20th year celebration. Atlantis will be hosting the largest gay cruise ever to sail the Caribbean to celebrate 20 years of exclusive gay vacations. The Royal Caribbean has rented out the phenomenal Allure of the Seas to the event production company who sold all of the rooms available in only three weeks. There will be just over 5,600 passengers who will travel from February 6 to the 13.

There will be a constant atmosphere of celebration with performances by gay and lesbian comics, actors, singers and musicians. Passengers will even have the chance to watch a large scale production of the award winning musical Chicago.

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