Roddick Battling His Identity At Big W

In a decade long career, Andy Roddick has seen both-exasperating lows and incredible highs. The greatest high, however, came in last year’s epic final, touted as one of the greatest Wimbledon finals ever, when Federer being pushed to the brink by Roddick finally survived his performance of life and ended Roddick’s incredible resistance by sealing the record final set by 16-14.

It wasn’t the end result that mattered as it was one of those matches where only tennis won. What stood out were Roddick’s never say die attitude and the grace with which he accepted his defeat. Even Federer admitted after the game that he was extremely lucky to have won as Roddick gave everything into the match.

Here again, at this year’s big W, the expectations from Roddick are sky-high, but he seems to have a rather cool approach. Playing down the huge expectations burden, Roddick said he would surely appreciate if things go his way but is not going to crumble under the pressure of expectations.

Hailed as the next big thing after Sampras and Agassi, Roddick has managed to stay in the top 10 of rankings ever since 2002.The last year’s Wimbledon final cleared all the doubts about Roddick’s work ethics and commitment and respect for the game. Roddick himself agreed that after the last year’s final people started to look at him with a different perspective, same people who often criticized him for his on and off court antics.

This year’s Wimbledon seems to be an even promising battle of the giants where Nadal is all set to regain his lost title, Federer is all set to defend it and Roddick is expecting to do ‘Goran’ and finally clinch the title that has eluded him for years.

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