Resurgence of Nintendo Classic Games on the Wii

Nintendo WiiSome of the most memorable Nintendo games are the original Super Mario series. Unfortunately most people no longer have the super Nintendo consoles and giant gaming disks that they were played on. Luckily for Nintendo Wii users, these classic nintendo games are only a click away.

All the classic Nintendo games are now available on the Nintendo Wii online marketplace. They can be bought with Wii points and downloaded instantly either onto the console, or onto an insert able memory card. They are a great way to remember the good old days and enjoy the Wii with new splendor.

Let the children experience the difference in gaming today versus when video games first came out. The difference in graphics is laughable, but the games are still just as fun as they used to be. Wii points are easy to purchase and the games are inexpensive to download and well worth the money.

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