Reducing Online Gambling Risks via Facial-Recognition Technology

Online Casinos 888 and Net EntUK-based Facebanx, unveiled its facial recognition technology specifically for web-based establishments such as online gambling operators, Internet-based banking facilities, insurance providers and eWallet processors.

The face-capture mechanisms of the system can further enhance security measures that prevent acts of fraud perpetuated by cyber criminals, particularly the identity thieves. The system entails a simple process of asking a customer to use a webcam or the built-in camera of a smartphone or tablet, and submit the live video recording when signing up for a new account or for upgrading an existing account.

The technology analyzes the details of the live video recording submitted, to ensure that a real person and not a still photo was captured by the camera, before registering the face in Facebanx’s database. As customers log in to access their account with the Internet-based establishment, the site’s facial recognition security system will capture the face of the person logging in and compare the captured image against the face registered in the Facebanx database.

In Canada, some casinos have surveillance cameras that have facial recognition and detection capabilities, which take photos of customers as they pass by the casino’s security desk. The system then checks the captured images against the casino’s database of problem gamblers, as away to alert the casino security personnel if any of the visitors entering the building is under a self-exclusion program.

New Zealand lawmakers are also proposing to implement the integration of facial recognition technology in video slot machines, in order to make self-exclusion programs more effective for problem gamblers. Inasmuch as most problem gamblers still try to enter gambling venues covertly while taking part in exclusion programs, NZ lawmakers deem that outfitting video slot machines with such technology, can effectively lockout problem gamblers addicted to slot games.