Red Sox Fans Can Relax After Breaking Six Game Losing Streak

red soxIn a bizarre twist of fate, the Boston Red Sox have finally won a game in the 2011 season.  Although the season has just begun, many Red Sox fans have been on edge as to whether or not they were going to win any games this year after a disappointing six game losing streak.  The win today was against their long-time rivals, the New York Yankees, in game one of a three game series.

While most fans were extremely disappointed in the losing streak and starting to lose faith in their beloved team, many others decided to take a more optimistic standpoint in how the season was going to turn out.  One fan stated that she was “quite pleased with all these losses at the beginning, and hoped that this meant there would be fewer losses throughout the season.”

While it may be too early to claim that Boston is going to be in the World Series this year, the fact that they have always been a strong contender in the pennant race still stands.


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